Powercore LC Heat Pumps

Lailey & Coates and SRS Works have developed a unique solar energy storage hybrid heat pump package. The package is designed so that it can be easily retro-fitted to an existing swimming pool environment, or incorporated from day one as part of a new-build pool project. It can be integrated with an existing solar PV array, or supplied as part of the complete package giving you maximum flexibility.

Powercore LC has been developed in conjunction with the Lailey & Coates Swimming pool hybrid heat pump range. It’s primary function is to harness free solar energy and supply this to the hybrid heat pump so that it runs for the majority of the time on free energy. This will significantly reduce the costs of heating and cooling your swimming pool.

In the event of a power cut, Powercore LC has been designed to continue to provide power to the hybrid heat pump, as well as powering a separate socket for essential equipment.